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June 2022 Update: property market, ESTAS, tip of the month and more!

The property market continues to be a very hot topic. Inflation continues to rise and in conjunection, the Bank of England decides to same for interest rates, so the question on everyone’s mind is ‘when will house prices stop rising?’ According to the Guardian‘s recent article, we should expect to see prices fall in the coming months as the cost of living is bound to have an impact.

Rightmove is encouraging sellers to get on the market before this fall, so it’s an important time for agents to ensure that all of their properties have up-to-date floor plans. 

Whether you are a sole trader or nationwide estate agent, we have packages to suit all needs, zPlan offers competitive rates and accessibility on desktop or tablet via Apple and Android. If you don’t have the time (or patience) to draw plans yourself, then try our “You Sketch, We Draw” service.

See our pricing page for more details.


zPlan signs up to the ESTAS

This month, we have signed up to the ESTAS, which is the leading review service and awards for property professionals. We look forward to collecting our user’s feedback and you can give us a review HERE.

From zPlan – “We take our levels of customer service very seriously because we know clients have a choice, but we also believe we offer a great product, which is fast, easy to use and cost-effective for all types of users. We have always been very proud of the personal service we provide and this is a great way to demonstrate how good we really are whilst also taking on comments on how we can improve”

Any prospective customers who want to see our current reviews in full, please follow this link:

Tip of the Month

You may have seen this feature in our January update, but it’s so good, it’s definitely worth the extra airtime! Customising plans has never been easier with zPlan. You can customise your rooms with colour, without the need to press any buttons – simply name them and it will change to your allocated colour within the agreed custom palette (see images below). 




We hope our monthly update has continued to deliver some valuable insights. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email a member of our friendly team.

Keep an eye out for next month’s update for more great features and opportunities for our users so watch this space!

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