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Top 10 energy savings tips

By now all of you will know our sister company Quidos and the fabulous work they do for the energy efficiency industry. They have recently created a top 10 tips for using less energy, all for less than £500.

1. Set your room thermostat to between 18-21. Turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree can save up to £80 a year. 

2. Look at installing smart thermostats/radiator valves – the more control you have over your heating system the more money you can save. Set the temperature of individual rooms based on their usage. Use less, spend less. 

3. Draft Proof Gaps – Any gaps where external air is getting through will mean you need to heat that area more. Filling these gaps according to EST can save £45 a year. 

4. Reduce your time in the shower & switch your bath for a shower – Having a 4-minute shower according to the EST can save the average household £70 a year. 

5. Purchase an Aerator for your tap – These small attachments can be installed on 95% of taps and control the flow of water from your tap. According to sources, the average tap runs at about 15 litres per minute. An Aerator can make your tap run at 6 litres per minute – which can save you up to £25 a year.

6. Switch off standby, and purchase smart plugs – This can save up to £35 a year. 

7. Insulate, insulate, insulate – Topping up levels of insulation within your property can have huge savings. In particular, adding a jacket to your hot water cylinder can save £35 a year. 

8. Switch to LED bulbs – The cost of doing this is made back in less than a year in energy savings. 

9. Don’t put furniture tightly up to the radiator – Heat your home, not your furniture, and the heat will be able to radiate more of the room meaning you need to use it for smaller periods of time. 

10. Avoid the tumble drier – even in winter we have fair days where you can put washing outside for free. Doing this can save up to £60 a year according to EST.

Stay warm and save energy!