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October update: Android app release, We-Draw & video tip of the month

Our aim is to continually improve the software for our users, so we’re happy to announce zPlan is officially live on the Android App Store! It’s also now available on iOS phones too! This means you can use our full floor plan creation software across your Android and Apple devices, synchronising your plans with our desktop software, to edit or export.

As this is our first launch on Android, we welcome your feedback in regards to the application.

We-Draw service

This month we have processed a vast number of requests to create your floorplans for you. We want all of our users to be aware of this service as it’s a beneficial and speedy way to create those complicated plans. All you need to do is send in your sketches and we’ll get the plans back to you the next working day.

This service only costs £11.40 for a single floor plan (+ 0.5p/m2 over 275m2). We are also more than happy to sort any amendments if the plan needs any small fixes, and we will get the plan right back to you.


UK Government to fund new housing

This month, the UK Government has pledged to spend £8.6bn on 119,000 affordable homes. 57,000 of these homes will be for people to buy, 30,000 for rent, and the rest will be constructed as rural homes. The funding is part of the Affordable Housing Programme, which aims to deliver up to 180,000 new affordable properties across the UK. 

Over the past year, the demand for property, in particular housing, has increased dramatically.  Whereas the number of houses for sale is now at an all-time low. This spreading gap between supply and demand is the primary cause why the housing market prices have skyrocketed.

The government hopes to aid home buyers to get into the market and with all of these new buildings being constructed, floor plans will be needed so we are here to provide!

You can read the Press Release article here.


Video Tip of the Month – adding administrative details

We are increasingly receiving more questions about adding administrative details to plans within zPlan. This is really simple to do and available via the “floor tab”. Here you can add a disclaimer, name your floors, add different types of areas, and choose how you want this information to appear on your plan. 

As with all things in zPlan, our features have the ability to be personalised, all done with the click of a button and bespoke to your client’s wishes. Don’t forget…. you can even add your customer’s logo!

Take a look at our YouTube video to see more:


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