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May 2023: Personalisation of Plans, Proficiency Event and EPC Integration

Wow, this is the first blog of 2023. This year has flown by and with the summer months on their way this is often the perfect time for floor plans alongside some glorious property photography in the sun. Property has been in the news a lot over the last few months. Whether it be a reported 0.5% increase in house prices (reported by Nationwide), new consultations and proposed legislation on council tax or the proposed renter reform bill which is expected next week; all are going to rely on accurate floor plans.

Ultimately, floor plans are the basis for all property information and in our opinion and often they are not treated with the respect they deserve considering the amount of data they can contain. With this being the case, we will look to be a voice for all our floor plan users as we push for their importance to be recognised.

This is particularly prominent in the energy efficiency industry. We have all experienced one of the most expensive winters in a long time and it has seen the Energy Performance Certificate rise from being a bureaucratic tick box exercise to something which people take into real consideration.

Despite articles of criticism, EPC numbers have increased (especially non-domestic).  As floor plan experts, we are at the forefront of this rise ensuring that all our data is correct and precise to help assessors, letting agents and house buyers alike. We look forward to more growth and more work coming in the coming months.

New features and updates for zPlan

Personalised Room Colours

Personalisation of plans is an important way for floor planners to make their mark in local areas as well as being able to accurately represent corporate customers and their branding. Recognising how important customisation is zPlan now allows for 9 different colour pallets.

Within the settings section, you can now change your room colour to “custom”. This will allow you edit each room colour individually, whilst also keeping a default colour. Then, when you name your rooms, the rooms will change colour automatically to improve efficiency.

Take a look at the example below:

Air source heat pump feasibility survey

We are excited to announce that our sister company Quidos is working with zPlan to create a heat pump feasibility survey. Already integrated into Quidos’ “iQ-Energy” energy assessor app, it will use zPlan as a basis for heat pump feasibility. The app will produce a document which can be passed onto installers before they complete a full heat pump heat loss calculation. Other features will include:

  • Accurate window measurements
  • Radiator sizing
  • Heat and hot water demand

This is due for release August 2023 will be an invaluable piece of equipment that will be added an Energy Assessor’s arsenal.


September last year saw us announce a closer working relationship with Proficiency. As part of this partnership, a whole host of benefits were available for those who are members of Proficiency.

Proficiency is a membership organization that works with energy assessors and accompanying professionals to provide excellent quality services to help with the ever-changing needs of communities and doing the utmost to protect our planet for future generations, they are also big advocates and they are the voice for energy assessors and property professionals across the UK.

zPlan are proud to announce that we are hosting a floor planning event with Proficiency. See details below:

  • Event Name: Effective floor plans. How to draw them and how to use them.
  • Topics covered:
    • What makes a good floor plan
    • How to draw a floor plan easily on site
    • Including the right details
    • Floor plans and EPCs
    • Floor plans and property marketing

zPlan and Quidos Customers can access this session for Free. Please contact us for more information.

To book onto this session head here:

To become a member of Proficiency or see the benefits, head to their website.

Video Tips of the Month

This month, we have three video tips of the month. These videos will focus on our integration with EPC software. These videos go through all the areas of integration which include:

  • Dimensions and building parts
  • Room height
  • Heated & habitable rooms
  • Lighting count
  • Wall types
  • Openings

Have a look here:

Drawing a plan

Adding EPC details

Adding remaining details

Potential Work for zPlan Subscribers – Capture Property Marketing needs you!

Our sister company Capture Property Marketing are currently on the lookout for combined domestic/commercial energy assessor & floor plan service providers in the areas of Surrey, Essex, Berkshire, Bournemouth and Cirencester. If you are interested, please email stating the area you are based in and briefly confirming the epc & floor plan services that you provide. If Capture has work to potentially offer you, they will be in touch in due course.


We hope our monthly update has continued to deliver some valuable insights. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email a member of our friendly team.

Keep an eye out for next month’s update for more great features and opportunities for our users so watch this space!

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