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March 2022 Update: Energy Efficiency Review and lots of Software Updates!

March has absolutely flown by and during this month, zPlan had a very productive attendance at Futurebuild 2022, where we met with the Energy Efficiency and Retrofit industry to show how we can improve England’s properties for the good of the environment and our aim to reach net-zero carbon emissions. It was great to see so many innovative products, meet some of our current subscribers and hopefully, we’ve encouraged some new subscribers too.

Energy Efficiency + The Spring Statement

Energy Efficiency is extremely important to us, as it is to a large pool of our customer base, so we were delighted to hear Rishi Sunak’s announcement from the Spring Statement that all energy efficiency improvements on properties will not be subject to VAT for the next five years. This is great news and we hope it encourages more homeowners to improve the efficiency of their properties with the likes of heat pumps. Fortunately, we were a step ahead and introduced heat pump icon a few months ago! You can find a full breakdown of the Spring Statement here.

We feel that zPlan can play a huge part in this movement, and highly recommend those involved in making energy improvements to a property, should get an updated EPC and accurate floor plan to ensure the most up to date information is available to homeowners. Here’s a link to explain how our software now integrates with Quidos. 

New address feature and icons

This month, many new features have been added to zPlan.

You are now able to search for an address just by adding the postcode which means you don’t have to type in the whole address manually, resulting in a speedier process for users.  This is done by using a UPRN and will enable users to search for previous plans based on the address alone. This feature is optional, so you can still type in the address manually if needed.

New icons are also now available on the software. You now have the ability to add a car icon to your floor plan, so you can quickly assess whether a garage has the capacity to store a car. Log burner and wall hanging boiler icons have also been added, as per the screenshots below. This means you are now able to give a more accurate representation of the household that you’re drawing a floor plan for.



New mobile app features

The final software enhancement zPlan that launched this month is the ability to access the plans on your mobile device or tablet which were orignally created on your desktop, as you were previously unable to do so. Now when you can “fetch” your plans via the App, make amendments to them, then push them back to your desktop once you’re done editing!


We hope our monthly update has continued to deliver some valuable insights. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email a member of our friendly team. Keep an eye out for next month’s update for more great features and opportunities for our users so watch this space!

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