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Electrical and radiator icons now available in zPlan

We are proud to announce the introduction of heat pump icons within our zPlan software. This, together with electric meters, gas meters and circuit boxes head up our new “electrical icons” branch which can be added to your toolbar. All you need to do is simply click the settings button on the top right of the software and then select ‘electrical’ from the “object tab”.

  heap pump electrical icon


On top of this, you will also see the introduction of the long-awaited radiator icons. There are two radiators to choose from and these can be found under the Miscellaneous tab on your toolbar. Many of our assessors will note the need to mark TRVs on their floor plans, so we have also introduced text boxes to sit alongside the new radiator icons. The TRV feature can be used for anything but to give you an idea, our example below shows how it could be used to note where a wall has been removed and the addition of a new window:

radiator icons


Our team are always on the lookout for how we can improve our software and where to add new features, we also welcome you to get in touch should you have any suggestions for us.

Users may have noticed that our compass icon is not in its usual location. We are happy to inform you that it has not been removed and has simply been hiding. To access the compass, users will now need to drag down the icon list by clicking and dragging the highlighted section to show the compass now at the top of the Miscellaneous list.

new zPlan toolbar