Cloud convenience

zPlan is a web application that runs in nearly all modern browsers. So there's no software to buy or download, and no plugins to rely on. All your plans are stored in the cloud, and you can export them in any format as often as you like. Infinite tweaks!

Easy to use

zPlan has been built with ease-of-use as the top priority, and it has a very shallow learning curve. The aim is to make drawing floor plans for sales/lettings as fast as possible. If you're pushed for time, use our WeDraw service, and we'll generate plans from your sketches in less than 24 hours.


Transfer plans to clients so that they can make the final tweaks themselves. Not sure what the final room names should be? No problem, transfer it across to another zPlan user with a simple code.

New! 3D is here.

Export your plan in 3D mode straight from the editor. Customise with colours and materials, e.g. wood flooring, tiling, carpet, etc. Set view point at any angle - get the best representation of the property before exporting to file.

To try out 3D functionality, drop us a line.

Pricing plans

Choose a pricing plan that suits the way you work. Subsciptions come with a no-obligation 7 day trial period, and there is no commitment, you can deactivate your account whenever you like. Pay-per-plan accounts have no recurring fee, simply pay for any plan you create. You can swap between account types whenever you like, too.

Draw 40 floor plans per month
£1 for every extra floor plan
£15 per month
7-day free trial
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£3.45 per plan
No monthly charge
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Multiple offices
Volume discounts
Premium support
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Email your sketches
Plan delivered back to dashboard within 24hrs
£9.50 up to 3000 sq ft, 0.5p per additonal sq ft
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Video overview

Watch a short screengrab to see a simple floor plan drawn in zPlan.